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Osteopathy and sports

When and why to consult?


To prevent: to establish a check-up and prepare for an upcoming athletic event.


To cure: to balance in a precise way the articular axes which could have been affected by a shock. After fractures, sprains, or surgical operations, osteopathy can aid in the healing process. It can also aid in erasing past trauma. 


Recovery after an event: to alleviate the discomfort of falls without visible injuries, various pains, tendonitis, sciatica, stress, lack of concentration during an event, or even sleep disturbance before a competition.


For an athlete as for any patient, the osteopath searches to heal the body using a holistic approach. The osteopath can work in collaboration with other professionals such as sports coaches specialized in the patient's specific sport.


The use of colored elastic adhesive bandages is another approach in the control and improvement of pain and function in both athletic and non-athletic patients.


These adhesive bandages have similar properties to the skin (weight, thickness, elasticity) and influence joint, muscle and especially circulatory (venous, lymphatic) function as well as nociceptor reaction (neuro-proprioceptive action).


Different techniques (muscular, ligamentary, aponeurotic, lymphatic, neural, correction...) can be used. The choice of colors, the direction of the bands and their tension depends on the therapeutic objectives.

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