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4 hands osteopathic medicine training

My partner Alain Bernard and I offer you training in the unique practice of 4-handed osteopathic treatment as well as osteopathic medicine. ​


Indeed, over time we have developed a unique technique allowing us to treat all kinds of pathologies ranging from spondylothesis to post-covid.


Our book “4-handed osteopathy: a new perspective for osteopathic medicine” was published on November 28, 2023 by Sully. ​


Thanks to our 3-day training you will be able to acquire the basics of practicing 4-handed osteopathy.

The first edition was held in August 2023 at our premises in Cannes. ​


Our training is Qualiopi certified, we are also awaiting future adoption by the FIFPL.​ ​


For more information or complaints please contact us via the following email:


You can also view and download the training program in PDF below. ​


Looking forward to reading and training you. ​

Alain and Laurie


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