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Who am I?

Passionate since childhood about anatomy, medicine and nature, my calling has always been clear. I needed a job that was manual, concrete, social, medical and in accordance with my convictions. 


I am fully convinced that tomorrow's medicine will be holistic and preventive. 


Osteopathy respects the fundamental and natural principles of life. It considers the patient as a whole and is at the top of the list of alternative medicines compared to modern allopathy. 


After having finished five years of training at the ATMAN Osteopathy Centre in June 2015.During those five years I was also trained in equine osteopathy (training over 2 years) as well as in posturology and occlusion (office apprenticeship for 2 years).


Since the start of my career, I have been constantly expanding my knowledge. 


Today, I specialize in different domains that I am passionate about such as sports (K-Tape), pediatrics, pregnancy monitoring, and primitive reflexes, a discipline that is extremely complementary to osteopathy for a plethora of conditions. 


Recently, I started aromatherapy training to deepen my knowledge in order to better advise and help my patients.


In January 2017, I became a member of the OOPP (Osteopathic Pediatric Osteopathy Observatory of Provence), an association in Cannes that combines research and volunteer work. Because of this, I was even able to take part in my first humanitarian trip as an osteopath to the northern part of Thailand in April 2018.


I have been teaching anatomy since 2016 at the Antibes School of Sophrology where I delight in spreading my knowledge and helping each person to understand that ignorance in any field is dangerous.

I believe that osteopathy is more than just a job. It is a real passion, an art, a science, and a philosophy but above all it is the opportunity to change things simply with the help of one's hands and knowledge.