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Fascinated since childhood by anatomy, medicine and nature, the path was clear. I needed a manual job, concrete, social, medical and in accordance with my convictions... 

I am firmly convinced that the medicine of tomorrow will be holistic and preventive medicine. 

Osteopathy respects the fundamental and natural principles of life, it considers the patient as a whole and it imposes itself at the top of the list of alternative medicines in the face of modern allopathy. 

I finished my studies in June 2015 after 5 years of training at the ATMAN Osteopathy Center in Sophia Antipolis.


During these 5 years I also trained in equine osteopathy  (training over 2 years) as well as at the posturology and occlusion  (practice apprenticeship for 2 years).


Since I have been practicing, I have continued to enrich my knowledge.


I specialize today in different fields that I like such as sport (K-Tape), pediatrics and pregnancy monitoring, archaic reflexes or even psycho-neuro-endocrino-immunology.

At the same time, I also trained in aromatherapy and lithotherapy to deepen my knowledge in order to better advise and help my patients.


From January 2017 to December 2022 I was an active member of the OOPP (Observatory of Pediatric Osteopathy of Provence), a Cannes association in which I did volunteer work and research.

In April 2018 I also participated in my first humanitarian trip as an osteopath in northern Thailand.  


Finally, I have been teaching anatomy and physiology since 2016 at the School of Sophrology in Antibes where I take pleasure in transmitting my knowledge and making everyone understand that ignorance in any field whatsoever is a scourge.

For me osteopathy is more than just a job, it's a real passion, an art, a science, a philosophy but above all it's the opportunity to change things simply with the help of your hands and of his knowledge. 

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