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Osteopathy, pregnancy and pediatrics

Throughout pregnancy, your osteopath can intervene and provide you with curative and  preventive help for potential pregnancy disorders. This osteopathic follow-up makes it  possible to treat and improve undesirable symptoms related to pregnancy. 


Osteopathy offers support to the mother-to-be and her baby for a more harmonious  pregnancy.


During pregnancy, the baby experiences pressure, tension or compression in the womb.  The baby thus receives its first mechanical, emotional and sensory constraints which  have repercussions on its entire organism. 


Childbirth is the first trauma that the baby experiences. Too long, too short or difficult, it  sometimes requires the use of obstetrical instruments: forceps, suction cups, spatulas,  which will generate tension in the bones of the skull and constraints on the baby's body,  immediately after birth or in the following months. 


The osteopath will help the baby by releasing these tensions accumulated during  pregnancy and childbirth. The osteopathic treatment of the infant is carried out by  gentle pressure on the baby's body, which restores mobility to his or her organism,  leading to a reduction in the tensions that can reduce these disorders (plagiocephaly,  regurgitation, unexplained crying, colic...).


Throughout childhood, osteopathic care is once again of great importance. Many ENT  problems, or attention disorders, can be improved or even solved with the help of  adapted cranial osteopathic treatments.  Of course, a problem must always be tackled  from several angles and parents should seek information from different specialists in  order to have a wider and more complete view.


Rare are the cases where the osteopath will be useless. In fact, they have a large  amount of knowledge in various fields, just like a general practitioner. Moreover, an  osteopath's global vision of the human body will help to re-establish or maintain an  optimal state of health and well-being for the child.


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