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Tel: 0650966271 












All of the elements constituting the site (texts, graphics, software, photographs, images, sounds, plans, names, logos, brands, creations and various protectable works, databases, etc.) as well as the website itself, are subject to French and international legislation on copyright and rights related to copyright (in particular articles L122-4 and L122-5. of the Intellectual Property Code).


Consequently, the user of is not to:



-  use or interrogate for the account or      benefit of others;

-  integrate all or part of the content of into      a third party site, for commercial or non-commercial purposes;

-  copy the information on supports of any kind allowing to reconstitute all or      part of the original files.


These elements are the exclusive property of LAURIE AMMIRATI, with the  exception of elements created by external contributors who have not  transferred their copyright. The setting up of hypertext links from a third party  site to the site requires the prior agreement  of LAURIE AMMIRATI.


Any not expressly authorized use of elements of the site http://www.osteopathe- leads to a violation of copyright and constitutes an infringement. It may also  lead to a violation of image rights, personal rights or any other rights and regulations in  force. It may therefore engage the civil and/or criminal liability of its author. LAURIE  AMMIRATI reserves the right to take legal action against those who have not respected  this prohibition.


Trademark law


The name and logo LAURIE AMMIRATI are registered trademarks, property of LAURIE  AMMIRATI. Any use not expressly authorized may engage the civil and/or criminal  liability of its author. LAURIE AMMIRATI reserves the right to take all legal action against  any person infringing its rights.


“Ammirati Laurie is participating in the Amazon EU Partner Program, an affiliate program designed to allow sites to earn a fee through the creation of links to”




LAURIE AMMIRATI declines all responsibility:


In case of interruption of the site due to  technical maintenance operations or updates of the published information;


In the event of temporary impossibility of access to the site (and/or to the sites linked to it) due to  technical problems, whatever the origin and provenance;


In the event of direct or indirect damage, of whatever nature, caused to the  user, resulting from the content, access or use of http://www.osteopathe- (and/or the sites linked to it);


In the event of abnormal use or illicit exploitation of the site


The user of the site is then solely responsible for  any damage caused to third parties and the consequences of any claims or actions that  may result. The user also waives the right to exercise any recourse against LAURIE  AMMIRATI in the case of legal action taken by a third party against him/her due to the  illicit use and/or exploitation of the site.


In no way can LAURIE AMMIRATI be held responsible for any prejudice, direct or  indirect, resulting from, or in relation to, the use of the information available on http://


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