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Osteopathy for all

Osteopathy is an alternative, manual medicine that can be beneficial for everyone and is most effective when used as preventive medicine. It is better to take care of your health a little bit every day to avoid being bedridden by a lumbago, for example, which always has the worst timing. 


Everyone, including babies, children, adults, seniors, athletes, pregnant women and even animals, can benefit from osteopathy. These topics are more widely developed in the following pages.


Today, osteopathy is beginning gain recognition in the eyes of the general public. As  insurance companies increasingly reimburse for this practice, many health  practitioners, such as dentists, are starting to work closely with osteopaths. 


Let's take the example of seniors: it is not about performing miracles by any means.  Therefore, the goal is to relieve the patient by allowing them to adapt to their  environment as comfortably as possible. As the structures and tissues of the body stiffen  with age, the patient's quality of life decreases. Consistent care from an osteopath can  improve this by slowing down the process of deterioration in the body due to the  passage of time, thus restoring mobility to the joints and quality to the tissues. 


This can easily be considered as comfort osteopathy, however it should not be neglected.

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