This page is dedicated to knowledge sharing. It’s the only good that multiplies when you divide it… Ignorance is the cradle of fear, hatred and violence. Openness to new horizons is always rewarding. Over the years, the following books have taught me a lot and brought me a lot, both in my life as an osteopath practitioner and in my personal life. Today, I share with you my favorites. The subjects are as diverse as they are varied: health and well-being of course, but also philosophy, society, osteopathy, personal development and cooking are in the spotlight! The links will facilitate the task but you can also find all these books at your bookseller. Happy reading!


The genius in your genes

Dawson Church

This book - which is based on more than 300 scientific studies - shows how to manage our health and well-being through thoughts and emotions that raise our level of vitality and happiness. ... He applies these discoveries to health and sports performance.

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The secret life of trees

Peter Wohlleben

The book evokes the different facets of the Sylvester world. The author shows that trees are able to communicate with each other by smell and electrical signals, as well as by their roots. It indicates that they help each other and have a form of memory.

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Free your brain

Idriss Aberkane

In Free Your Brain, Idriss Aberkane dissects the workings of our brain. He uses different studies that illustrate how conditioned and manipulable we are. It also shows how, with simple neuroergonomic tools, we can be freer and more fulfilled.

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Thoughts for myself

Marc Aurèle

The Thoughts for Myself were written in Greek by the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, between 170 and 180 AD. J.C., often during his military campaigns. They were originally intended to be destroyed upon the death of its author. But they went beyond the status of a simple diary, to become a major work of Stoic philosophy.


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Towards happy sobriety

Pierre Rabhi


“I was then twenty years old, and modernity appeared to me as an immense imposture.” In this work, Pierre Rabhi gives his testimony on what he calls “happy sobriety”, taken as a real value of well-being, force of physical and moral liberation.

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The ability to love yourself

Elsa Cayat


The ultimate book of the «Charlie Hebdo’s shrink», murdered during the January 7 massacre. To be able to love the other and beloved, one must first be able to love oneself. An anti-hate breviary, to live no longer in a "deprived" world.

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The Buddha’s teaching

Walpola Rahula


The book he kindly asked me to present to the Western public is a luminous and accessible exposition to all of the fundamental principles of Buddhist doctrine, as found in the oldest texts, those who are called in Sanskrit "Tradition" (Agana) and in pali "the Canonical Corpus" (Nikaya), to whom the Reverend Rahula, who possesses incomparable knowledge, refers constantly and almost exclusively. 

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Sapiens a brief history of humanity

Yuval Noah Harari


Harari distinguishes three essential revolutions in the evolution of «the Wise Man»: the cognitive revolution 70,000 years ago, the agricultural revolution 12,000 years ago, and the scientist engaged 500 years earlier. First and foremost, the 500 pages read themselves in one fell swoop, with a passion for what concerned me.


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The prophet

Khalil Gibran 


A clear language, evocative and strong images: through the teaching of Al-Mustafa some of the treasures of the human experience emerge. Nothing escapes the lesson of the Sage: love, joy, freedom, pain, self-knowledge, beauty, couple, passion, death…


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How everything can collapse

Pablo Servigne


By putting words on intuitions shared by many of us, this book restores intelligibility to the phenomena of "crises" that we live, and above all, restores meaning to our times. Because today, utopia has changed sides: is utopian one who believes that everything can continue as before.

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The secret

Rhonda Byrne

Rhonda Byrne explains how to use the process of creating the law of attraction to attract everything you want in your life, by telling us how to control your thoughts.


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The praise of flight

Henri Laborit

« To revolt is to run to its ruin, because the revolt, if it is carried out in group, immediately finds a hierarchical scale of submission within the group, and the revolt, alone, quickly leads to the submission of the revolt... All that’s left is the flight. »


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Discourse of the method

René Descartes

The Discourse of the method is both a testimony and a promise. Descartes recounts how he found “the true method of attaining knowledge of all things (my) mind would be capable of”, and he commits himself to making good use of it to cultivate his reason and progress in the truth.

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The alchemist

Paolo Coelho

Santiago, a young Andalusian shepherd, goes in search of a treasure buried at the foot of the Pyramids. When he meets the Alchemist in the desert, he teaches him to listen to his heart, to read the signs of destiny and, above all, to go to the end of his dream.

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The four Toltec agreements

Don Miguel Ruiz

The four Toltec accords give us the keys to overcoming fear, hatred, judgment, the limiting beliefs imposed by our domesticated society by inviting us to go in search of our deep and true identity in order to regain our personal freedom and thus journey towards a life of happiness, joy and unconditional love.

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The memory water of our emotions

Masaru Emoto

In this new work, Masaru Emoto continues his revolutionary research on the power of water, on his ability to "print" any information he receives: written, oral or musical. ... The book includes 54 pages of colour photos, which are evidence to support its demonstration.

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The man who wanted to be happy

Laurent Gounelle 


This book is the story of a man on vacation in Bali who decides, a few days before his return, to meet a healer, the revelations of the old sage will then upset his life…


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My bible of essential oils

Danièle Festy


Nothing better than aromatherapy to prevent and treat nasty ailments. The whole challenge of this non-conventional medical discipline is to use with intelligence the essential oils whose active ingredients strengthen in the first place the immune defences. In her guide, Ma bible des huiles essentielles, Danièle Festy prepares users to define their needs precisely. After this essential step, it orients on the right plant and prescribes the ideal dosage. This serious book makes it possible to recover health and well-being.


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Half of the sky

Nicholas D. Kristof & Shreyl WuDunn


He tells us about the lives of millions of women across our borders: sexual slavery, honour crimes, mutilations, rape. ... A stunning book that shows us that the oppression of women is not inevitable. Half of the sky was an exceptional success in the United States.


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Treat everything with 16 essential oils

Francoise Couic Marinier


16 essential oils, not one more, to cure everyday ailments! For each, its indications, precautions and uses by spheres (anti-infectious, ENT, digestion, etc.). In the end, 300 formulas to prepare from these 16 oils, for health, but also beauty, home, cooking, veterinary care... with testimonies, anecdotes, results of scientific studies.


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The Larousse Bible of grandmothers secrets

Martina Krcmar


In the villages, in the past, there were few cases where the doctor was called upon. The virtues of plants were well known for generations...

Nettle was used for respiratory problems, dandelion cures were used to detoxify the body, arnica was used to treat wounds, aloe poultices were used to relieve burns… We cleaned everything in the house, thanks to bicarbonate, vinegar, lemon… Gardening was practiced by observing nature and respecting it. For the kitchen, we knew how to take advantage of seasonal products and how to keep them as good as possible.


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The Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants

Tina Cecchini


How to treat or relieve without drugs fatigue, gastric acidity, acne, anxiety... all small health problems?

A specialist in botany, the author gives you in this book the secrets of plants as different and varied as mint or fir, linden or valerian or sage or basil, and offers you very effective recipes, adapted to each problem and person.

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The dictionary of lithotherapy

Reynald Georges Boschiero

Since 1992, the Dictionary of stones used in lithotherapy has become the reference work. Profoundly updated in 1999, it is still perfected in this new edition completely reworked. With about fifteen new species studied, it now includes more than 250 stones and care crystals. The properties of each of the stones were completed and reorganized in a clearer and more methodical presentation.


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Birth of the Osteopathy

Carol Trowbridge

It shows us the harsh life of the pioneers of the American West in the age of Still’s youth, and how this young doctor, dissatisfied with the medicine of his time, has evolved during his meetings and his multiple experiences.


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Leonardo da Vinci Biography

Serge Bramly 

Leonardo da Vinci was undoubtedly this universal man who dreamed of the Renaissance. The painter-sculptor was also a musician, engineer, architect, anatomist, astronomer, mathematician, director, writer, geologist…


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Osteopathy for all

Célia Le Dressay

Like Andrew Taylor Still, the founder of osteopathy, who defined our discipline as "the law of matter, movement and spirit," Celia Le Dressay, osteopath DO, has marvelously transmitted matter to us, the movement and spirit of osteopathy through the medium of a comic book. It is with perfect delicacy that Celia wields self-deprecation and conducts his constant bias of popularization, without ever falling into the vulgar. The osteopathic spirit, "the breath," permeates every page of this book.

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Eat well and better from 0 to 100 years

Henri Joyeux 

Nutritional advice to adopt a healthy and balanced diet, with information on the digestive tract, legumes, dairy products, gluten, drinks, different meals of the day and the major dietary ailments: diabetes, obesity, cancers and autoimmune diseases.

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The essence of Ho'oponopono 

Maria-Elisa Hurtado-Graciet 

This message, Ho'oponopono invites us to experience it in our daily lives. He proposes to us a new way of being in life where the most important thing is to develop one’s inner peace. It will then spread around us and bring about the change we want in the world around us.

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The encyclopedia of relative and absolute knowledge

Bernard Werber 

The Encyclopedia of Relative and Absolute Knowledge is a work of fiction presenting itself as an encyclopedic, from the imagination of the French writer Bernard Werber.

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Physiological bases of osteopathy

Irvin M Korr 


This book is a collection of the most important articles published by Professor Irvin Korr, Ph. D., prominent American physiologist. These texts cover research carried out at the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine from 1944 to 1975. Dr Korr has spent more than thirty years of his life as a researcher trying to scientifically highlight the neurobiological mechanisms involved in manipulative therapies, thus providing osteopathy with a scientific justification and above all a new physiological conception of osteopathic injury.


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Foods that heal

Sophie Lacoste 

Did you know:

- That lemon is a super powerful antiseptic?

- That honey heals burns?

- That olive oil limits cardiovascular diseases?

- That vinegar has dozens of therapeutic indications?

Fruits, vegetables and other health foods: here is finally, for all those who get lost in the thousand and one nutrition tips, the reference guide.

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Yoga for dummies

Georg Feuerstein & Larry Payne 


Long considered the reserved domain of Hindu mystics, yoga is actually practiced by all kinds of people. Athletes, pregnant women, patients suffering from the back, people stressed or in search of a bodily and spiritual fullness... all have occasional or regular recourse to yoga, guarantee of good health and balance.


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How I see the world

Albert Einstein


This work, based on texts written between 1930 and 1935, gives an account of the great questions on which this solitary genius wished to explain himself publicly: pacifism, the struggle against National Socialism, the defense of Judaism, religion and science, moral culture, education, etc.


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My balcony in permaculture

Hervé Chabert


The principle of permaculture is simple: Observe and imitate nature to satisfy the needs of the garden in order to cultivate its vegetable garden and make a big step towards autonomy by producing its vegetables and fruits. Why don’t you throw yourself on your balcony ?


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The discreet charm of the intestine

Giulia Enders


With humour and insolence Giulia Enders cleverly retraces the journey of food, from the mouth to the anus. Based on the most recent research and amazing experiences, she makes a detailed tour of the digestive tract.

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Belly our second brain

Fabrice Papillon - Héloïse Rambert


The belly contains a treasure: a second brain! If the one at the top thinks, projects and reflects, the one at the bottom, populated by billions of neurons, watches over our digestion and acts on its side. ... More surprisingly, the activity of the belly would influence our personality and our choices, make us timid or reckless.


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The magic of Marie Kondo’s storage

Marie Kondo


In The Magic of Storage, Marie Kondo tells the story of what has changed in the lives of her clients since they put their home in order and some of the transformations are really impressive. We then realize that the storage is only the beginning and that the most beautiful remains to come.

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Ouch, my ancestors!

Anne Ancelin Schutzenberg

This fascinating book, full of examples, is one of the great researches in integrative psychotherapy. It particularly highlights the trans-generational links, the anniversary syndrome, the secret non-disclosure and its transformation into a devastating unthinkable.



Life in abundance

Irène Grosjean


This lady is almost 90 years old. She gives you her 60 years of experience and research in the field of health. For Irène Grosjean, life and health are simple. And she is determined to make this known. She has proven over her long career as a naturopathic doctor that the body functions in a very simple way.


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The brain at 100%

Eric R. Braverman


For this specialist of the body-mind link, the decrease in physical, intellectual faculties, mood disorders and most of the health problems that appear with age are explained by an imbalance in the chemistry of the brain. Our personality, our emotions, but also our health depend on it.


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